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Visit of National Assembly's delegation in Sihanoukville

The discussion on the prevention of goods products with spoiled quality and devoid of safety from affecting the people's safety of the ninth commission of the National Assembly with the Camcontrol branch in the Sihanoukville

          On February 25th ,2002, at 2:30 pm at the Camcontrol branch in the Sihanoukville, Mr. Por Leang Kung, chief of the branch and other 16 branch officials, extended greetings to the commission in charge of public works, transport, post and telecommunication, industry, mines and energy and trade of the National Assembly, that was there for discussions on the situation of the prevention of products with spoiled quality and devoid of safety which might affect the people's health.
          The delegation of the National Assembly's ninth commission was headed by His Excellency Kim Sann, Her Excellency Ho Nonn, H.E Phan Chantha, H.E Kheuv Horl and H.E Hout Pong Ly.
          Following the greeting, Mr. Por Leang Kong informed the delegation of the efforts made by the Sihanoukville-based Camcontrol branch in inspecting the quality and safety of goods products, particularly the imported and exported food and in keeping close watch on the goods products being in circulation at markets, thus contributing to ensuring the quality and safety of goods products, especially food to be imported by showing the remarkable results obtained.
          H.E Kim Sann and H.E Ho Nonn underlined that after the law on the management of the quality and safety of products, and services had been passed, the amount of products with spoiled quality and without safety displayed for sale at the markets dropped to a minimum level and that the Cambodian market was not an international dumping place.
          The answers and questions posed at the discussions let the delegation know : the law on the management of the quality and safety of products and services uses as an important means and it has adequate qualities needed for the control and management of the quality and safety of food products, so it is not necessary this time for the National Assembly to enact another food law although some countries, especially the ASEAN countries have had such law ( adopted by their Assemblies ) aimed at controlling and managing the manufacturers or categorized products. The lack of basic things related to the enforcement techniques has already been supplemented with technical rules and regulations ( sub-decrees, Prakas...) by the royal government of Cambodia.
-         The law enforcement is conducted in a smooth manner as each Camcontrol branch always receives support and co-operation from the municipal authorities, the municipal court as well as all the skilled institutions concerned in the Sihanoukville.
-         There is a need to conduct a scientific research on food-borne disease which may have a long-term effect on the public health.
-         The need to train the skilled officials to acquire knowledge and experience in order to catch up with the development of the issues pertaining to food safety and to improve the lab officials' capacity accordingly.
The delegation gave further recommendations to the Sihanoukville-based Camcontrol branch to make better efforts in order to build up a barrier of safety aimed at preventing the flow of products, especially food products with spoiled quality and with no safety from affecting the health and welfare of the people because the Sihanoukville is one of the main gates of the country.
          The discussions concluded at 4 o'clock in the afternoon in a spirit of good co-operation.
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